God created us for a purpose that begins with a continuous experience of His great love for us.  It finds its fulfillment as we represent Him and His kingdom to the world around us.  No matter where we are in our journey God stands ready to guide us into the full expression of His plan and purposes for our lives.  Come & explore God's next step for you! 
It's finally here! Hope, Healing and Freedom Seminar
Saturday, June 3, 2017, from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Tickets are free, but there is a required $10 textbook
What an amazing way to start your summer! 

RTF Heartland Region Testimonials

Hope Healing and Freedom: Jesus Died to Give Us This Kind of Life - May 2017

One of the promises of the Easter season is that Jesus died in order that we might have life and have it in abundance (John 10:10).  Literally what Jesus promises is the “super abundant life.”  The abundant life is characterized by hope for today and tomorrow, increasing joy and living with a sense of purpose and expectation.  If our experience of life is anything less than this abundance, we can know that Jesus desires more and better for us.. Ultimately, He wants us to live out our true-identity as...

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Expectancy in Prayer: Faith or Presumption

By Pastor Bruce Kotila

While on retreat several years ago I was reading one of the daily reflections from A Minute of Margin by Richard Swenson, MD. It was one of those experiences where God heightened my awareness and said you need to pay attention here. The title to the reflection was Expectation Overload and it pointed out the fact that the affluence of our society has created within us an expectation for more, of everything. “We expect health, wealth and ease- and are discontent if more doesn’t ... More

What it Means to Believe

By Pastor Bruce Kotila

As a young Augustinian monk Luther could not find any peace with God nor did he have any assurance of salvation. Luther would read the Scriptures, encounter the words of Romans 3:21,22, "righteousness of God", and they would strike terror in his heart. No matter how long he fasted, no matter how long he prayed, he was continually confronted with his own sinfulness and the question of how could he become righteous in the sight of God? All of these events led to what has become known as ... More

The Benefits of Knowing God

By Pastor Bruce Kotila

I recently have been meditating upon Psalm 103:1-5, and am experiencing a renewal of my spirit.  In accordance with the discipline of meditation I am seeking to make these words of King David my constant mental companion for the purpose of taking up residence in my heart.  I say them over several times as I wake each morning, revisit them throughout the day as I have opportunity and then again make them the focus of my thoughts as I drift off to sleep.   I expected the ... More

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