Hope Healing and Freedom

“Man can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air...but only for one second without hope.” (Hal Lindsey)

While Lindsey’s quote may be a bit of an over statement, it does highlight the importance, even essential nature, of living with hope.  Hope for freedom from the pain of the past, hope for a godly marriage and family, hope for honest and life giving relationships, hope for a life filled with purpose and meaning.  Hope is a very human, God given desire that each of us longs, even needs, to have.  And living without hope leads to depression, despair and other forms of spiritual and emotional death.  Unfortunately, there are many in our society who are enduring a monotonous defeated physical existence completely without hope.   

In September, at this year’s annual RTF conference a new seminar was presented, and released, that I believe will help us connect with a new audience.  The seminar, Hope Healing and Freedom, is a presentation on the basics of the Restoring the Foundations’ integrated approach to healing and freedom.  It is a much-simplified version of the 15 hour 4 Keys to Victorious Living seminar we have been using the last 6 years but it presents the core teachings in more contemporary language with additional illustrations and some group ministry at the end of each section.  These new features, coupled with the fact that it can be presented in 4-6 hours, will allow us to connect with a group of people that have been interested in learning more about RTF but haven’t been able to set aside 15 hours to attend the seminar plus the time it takes to read the Restoring the Foundations textbook.  It is our belief that once people have had the opportunity to “taste and see” there will be a desire to learn more and possibly even desire to receive either Issue Focused or Thorough Format ministry.

Over the last couple of weeks I have had conversations with 3 different churches in our region that are interested in hosting the Hope, Healing and Freedom seminar.  We are looking at conducting these in the next couple of months depending on schedules.  I would invite you to keep watch on the website to see when one will be held in your area and to invite people you know.  Or maybe your congregation would be interested in hosting the seminar?  It is a low cost and relatively quick event that holds the potential of restoring hope to many who have given up hope.  Come, taste and see that the Lord is good.  (Psalm 34:8)