About Bruce & Barb

We are passionately pursuing the abundant life that Jesus promised each of His disciples.  We enjoy living in community with other believers and continue to be shaped by the fresh and sometimes surprising experiences of the unconditional love of Father God. We are also blessed to have a great number of friends who love us in the same way that Jesus loves us. These experiences of being encouraged in dry and difficult times have allowed us to support others in their search for the abundant life in Christ.  We value all our relationships knowing that God shapes and enriches us through each and every one. 

Connection to Restoring the Foundations

Over the course of 25 years of vocational ministry experience in the local church we saw the tremendous need for healing and deliverance, both within the church and the greater community.  Through our involvement in other healing ministries we became aware of the unique approach of Restoring the Foundations (RTF) in 2010.  In July 2012, we became Healing House Network ministers and currently minister, train and direct the Heartland Region of RTF in Nebraska.

Ministry Distinctives

The Lord has blessed us beyond measure in so many ways but like everyone else we have known circumstances and seasons of deep disappointment that can challenge one’s belief in the love and goodness of God.  Through 33 years of marriage we have navigated lean financial times, a cancer diagnosis, the pressures of changing careers later in life and the heartache of leaving your support system by moving out of state.   As parents who have grown their family through adoption we have experienced the normal ups and downs of raising teenagers and the unique pressures that accompany parenting a special needs son.  As a pastoral family God uses the depth of our life experience to enable us to connect with people from all walks of life.  Finally, we love ministering as a team because God has given us different but complementary gifts. Depending first upon the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we are also able to call upon Bruce’s theological training and his ability to see the how various ministry areas impact one another.  These, coupled with Barb’s gift of discernment and her ability to see life patterns enable us to conduct a comprehensive approach to ministry.  God uses it all to help people find freedom and healing directly from Him!

Connect with Bruce & Barb!

We believe the Lord has brought you to this point because He is calling you into a new season that includes the fullness of His incredible healing and freedom.  We would love to walk beside you as Abba Father reveals even deeper levels of His love and pours upon you the fullness of His restoration.  Would you be willing to take the next step and contact us to begin this wonderful journey? 

Email: Office@GodsLivingStones.org
Call: Pastor Bruce 402-290-3480 or Barbara Kotila 402-957-5008 
Or if you are ready to jump right in, please use the links on the left to complete an IFM Application (shorter format - 3 hours of ministry) or a TFM Application (longer format - 15 hours of ministry) 
Training and Credentials with RTF:
     Issue Focused Ministers (March 2010)
     Church Level Thorough Format Ministers (July 2011)
     Healing House Network Thorough Format Ministers (July 2012)
     Biblical Healing and Deliverance Course Seminar Leaders (July 2012)
     IFM Activation Seminar Leaders (July 2012)
     RTF Trainers (December 2013)
     TFOVC Mentors (April 2014)
     RTF Area Team Leaders (January 2016)